How to choose the software for your yoga studio

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Nov 8, 2022 1:52:15 PM

Years ago, running a yoga studio didn't require any special software or programs. Control was kept through spreadsheets, or even by hand, and communication with clients was done through posters or announcements during the classes. If a client couldn't make it to a yoga practice one day, perhaps they would let the teacher know or simply not show up at all.   

 Today technology is changing business and yoga studios are no exception. Having a management software and a booking App is no longer a novelty, but what is expected of any professional yoga center.   

 In this post we are going to tell you what you need to consider before choosing the perfect software for your Yoga studio.  



The advantages of using software for yoga studios  


Using yoga studio software has many advantages from the moment you get started. The right yoga software will offer a variety of features that can help make studio management more efficient.  

 - A yoga software can help you manage your studio more efficiently by scheduling classes and keeping track of bookings. This way, your clients can book the classes that work best for them and you can keep track of them in real time.  

 - Your yoga software can also help you manage payments, with credit card payments directly from your App. This way, you forget about chasing clients or having to check if the bank has returned any receipts.   

 - A software for yoga studios is also the perfect tool to have a database of customers, where you can note pathologies, yoga level, preferred styles and all relevant information for each of the teachers of the center.   

 - In short, you will save a lot of time if you have the right yoga studio software. All those administrative and repetitive tasks can be automated and you can dedicate that time to offer a better practice to your students.  




How to decide which yoga studio software is best for you  


First of all, the software should be a comprehensive management platform that is easy to use and navigate. It should also have the essential functionalities to manage your studio effectively. Finally, it must be affordable.  


I recommend that you consider the following points:  

 Ease of use.  

 The software for your yoga studio must be intuitive and easy to use. This way, even if you hire a new teacher to start offering classes, they will be able to learn it in a few hours and use it properly.  

 The easier it is for your customers to sign up as members and book a class through the scheduling software, the more likely they are to return week after week. Online booking also takes the pressure off yoga studio owners who have to field phone calls and handle email requests.  


The features your yoga studio needs  


When you're looking for yoga software, you want it to have all the functionalities your studio needs. These are the ones that most yoga studios require and value:  


  • Class booking.  
  •  Automated payment management and payments through the App.  
  •  Possibility to offer individual classes or sessions with other professionals: massages, physiotherapy sessions, etc.  
  •  Possibility to offer workshops and retreats through the App.  
  •  Announce news from the App and by email.  
  •  Create virtual sessions for clients who cannot come to the studio in person.  
  •  Create and manage a website without the help of a third party.  



Affordable price without added costs  

Some yoga studio software offer very competitive pricing but have many features locked out for premium clients. For example, not all offer payment gateway or website creation in the price of the software.    

At Trainingym we believe that this strategy does not help our clients, that's why our pricing is transparent and we do not ask for any kind of permanence. This way, our clients only stay with us because they are satisfied - and not because they are forced to.    

In addition, they can take a free trial to see how their business would look configured, try out the different interfaces and answer any questions before signing up for our yoga studio software.   


What key features to look for in a yoga studio software.  

  Aside from online booking management and marketing tools, there are a number of key features that the best yoga software has to ensure your business runs smoothly. From client management to online class delivery solutions, Trainingym's yoga studio software has all the functionality your yoga studio needs.  



Detailed reporting with artificial intelligence  

  Our software has algorithms (mathematical formulas) that help you better manage your yoga business. For example, you can predict which clients are at risk of churn.  

  In addition, you can see all your monthly business figures at a glance. This way, you can make decisions based on data... and not just on your intuition! With Trainingym managing a business doesn't require long hours in front of paperwork and whole afternoons at the calculator.   


Offer bonuses and memberships  

  Many yoga studios work with memberships, that is, with monthly fees that customers pay for attending a certain number of classes.  

However, another interesting business alternative is to offer vouchers for classes with a limited expiration date. Perhaps there are clients who can't commit to going every month or who are just passing through town, but they can leave you with a good amount of income at the end of the month.    

With Trainingym, you can offer bonuses and manage them from the App: you won't have to remember how many classes each client has spent.   



Deliver online classes from your App  

There's nothing like an in-person class, but what happens when clients can't come to your center? Or when they move to another city, but still want to enjoy your classes?    

Well, with your Trainingym App it's very simple: you can offer virtual classes, recorded by you or selected from our library. You decide if you charge them to your clients as an extra, if you include them in your monthly fee or if you give them away for Christmas.   




Improve communication with your clients  

 With Trainingym you can communicate with your clients in a much more professional way, without resorting to WhatsApp groups or posters wallpapering your yoga studio. Through the App, you can send push notifications to your clients or put up "virtual posters" from the main screen of your yoga studio's App.  

 In addition, you can send mass emails to announce news and offers. Our recommendation is that you keep the emails of all your old customers or interested people who have left their data and impact them with special offers or specific activities.  


Control payments through the App  

One of the headaches of yoga studio owners is to control payments and not spend the first half of the month chasing clients to pay their fees. With Trainingym you have two ways to do this (and both are very simple).  

 The first is to automate payments through the Trainingym App. Your customers can pay directly with their credit card, just like they do with any online purchase. Of course, this is done through a totally secure payment gateway used by large companies around the world.  

 The second is to charge as you see fit (cash, Bizum, transfer, remittance...) and mark in your software which customers have paid and which have not.  

 You can set up a rule so that customers who have not paid are blocked from booking classes... They won't forget any more!  



To sum up  

  The best yoga studio software will offer a wide range of features to help you run your business. It should make it easy for you to set up and manage memberships, online classes, manage bookings and communicate with clients. Trainingym's yoga studio management software offers all this and more.  

 But as we know that technology is sometimes complicated and that a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the link so you can book a free session with a consultant who is an expert in digitizing yoga studios and is sure to answer all your questions.   


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