How to attract customers to your physiotherapy clinic

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Jan 26, 2023 11:56:50 AM

Starting a physiotherapy business is exciting. You want to start helping patients who are in pain. You want them to receive top-quality service at your clinic and to recommend your business to their friends and family. But honestly, will you only rely on word of mouth to attract clients? Maybe that might have been enough a few years ago, but not anymore. 


Here are three ways to attract clients to your physiotherapy clinic so you can grow your business. 


1. Sign up in Google My Business 


If you haven't already done so, go ahead and get your Google My Business verified! 


All businesses with a physical location, like yours, should have an updated and complete Google My Business profile, which provides all potential customers with the necessary contact information with the business. 


In addition, it is important to have positive reviews: this is what will give you credibility and reliability to all those who do not know you yet. If you don't have positive reviews, you can ask your current customers to leave one.  


On the other hand, try to upload photos, link the profile to your website and your social networks and update the opening hours so that no one finds the clinic closed without notice. 


It's a fact of life: you also Google everything, so don't miss out on this opportunity, and it's free! 



2. Boost your presence on Instagram 


If your business already has a Facebook page, why not add another business page on Instagram? Take advantage of this social media platform to connect with users around your clinic's location! And I'll tell you how! 


Optimize your Instagram posts. Plan your posts at least 2 weeks in advance and make sure to geotag each of them (put the location). Add hashtags, as many as possible. You can create yourself a list of 20 hashtags and save it to always have on hand.  


Research your market. Look for hashtags used by your target market and your competitors. Understand their needs and weaknesses. And offer them solutions. 


Promote your brand. Use templates for your social media posts. Choose the style you will use for each social media image. And be sure to apply your company's brand colors. A top tool is Canva, which has a free version and hundreds of templates for anyone to design. 


Maintain an online presence. Follow people and other businesses on IG. This will show that you are active on the platform. Also, post comments on interesting images. And if they've posted something that might relate to one of your services, be encouraged to write about it! 


Engage with your followers. Set aside time to send messages to your followers and thank them for following your IG account. And include a brief introduction about what you think this follower could benefit from your clinic. 


And remember: the content should be RELEVANT to your followers. Don't base your posts on advertising, but on informing your followers about what interests them most. 



3. Create special offers and referral campaigns 


To attract customers, especially if you are starting your physiotherapy clinic, it is important to launch interesting offers that can make them opt for your services. 


In the case of physiotherapy clinics, the best thing to do is to make an offer for a voucher of sessions. This way, you ensure that they will adhere to your services and that they will see results. 


On the other hand, if you already have loyal clients, you can start a referral campaign. In health-related businesses, everyone prefers an option that has been recommended to them by a friend or family member: this generates trust and reliability. Therefore, you can create discount bonuses for clients who bring in referrals. 




3 ways to get clients for your physiotherapy clinic 


Now that you know these strategies, I suggest you put them into practice today - never underestimate the power of a planted seed! Work with these three simple ways to get more clients for your physiotherapy clinic. 


Our software can help you, as we have the social networks integrated into the platform to make managing them much, much easier. This saves you time and improves your numbers.  


Ask for a personalized demo to find out all the advantages of having a software for your physiotherapy clinic.  




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