Trainingym Rewards has arrived, gamification brought to the fitness business.

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Nov 11, 2022 11:00:00 AM

Have you ever heard of gamification? Indeed, it comes from the English word "game" and is a way to motivate your customers to be more engaged and satisfied in your gym or fitness studio.  

Through gamification, you can implement long-term customer acquisition and loyalty strategies and create a strong sense of community in your business. Now comes the interesting part, how do you implement gamification in a fitness business or gym? Does it consist of playing games every week? Does it require many hours of planning? 

Here comes Trainingym Rewards, the Trainingym tool so you can motivate your clients through rewards without having to spend hours and hours on it. 

How does Trainingym Rewards work? 

Trainingym Rewards is a module in your Trainingym software through which you can set up challenges and assign rewards based on the actions of your clients. For example, you can give them points for attending classes, for completing workout routines or for giving their opinion. 

And another very interesting point: encourage your referral strategy. If every client who gets you a new client gets a reward in return, they are likely to want to recommend you to their friends or family.  

In this way, you get your clients to generate a stronger bond with your fitness business and increase their time spent with you. 


Trainingym Rewards manages the rewards  

The best thing about this feature is that you don't have to worry about whether a customer has more or less points or if you have any aluminum bottles left to give away. Thanks to our software, everything will be automatically controlled so you only have to worry about encouraging your customers to participate. 

To get Trainingym Rewards you don't have to do anything: you will have it available in your Trainingym software to start setting it up!  





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