6 Black Friday campaigns for your gym

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Nov 10, 2022 2:01:16 PM

Have you already thought about what promotions, offers or campaigns you are going to do to celebrate this Black Friday? Maybe you haven't had time to decide, so here are some ideas to surprise your customers. 

Black Friday is becoming more and more popular every year and there are not many businesses that do not make any kind of offer to celebrate it. Being a date before the holiday season, it is a good time to motivate your customers to continue to workout before the holidays, to take care of their diet (because then they will skip it) or simply to advertize services that are not yet popular in your gym. 

1. Give away days/weeks/months with memberships

This is a simple but effective campaign. Normally, this type of offers are made when the client acquires a great commitment with your gym. For example, if they sign up for 6 months, you can give them the seventh month free. If they sign up for a year, you can even give away two months, depending on the rate you offer. 

Ideally, instead of giving a discount, you should give that amount as a monthly fee. For you it will mean the same income, but you will get clients to stay an extra month at the fitness club. Remember that each extra month is another opportunity to build customer loyalty, so this option is very interesting.  

2. Give personal training sessions as a gift

Imagine a customer who signs up on Black Friday gets some personal training sessions for free. There are two possibilities:

🤔 Maybe the client won't sign up for more sessions, but those first few will help him learn how the gym works, how to train and will create a bond with a staff person.  
🤔 Maybe the client is surprised, gets interested and signs up for more personal training sessions. 

Whatever the scenario, it's all profit. 


3. Gift memberships with personal training packages 

Maybe there are clients who only go to the center with their personal trainer, so they are interested exclusively in personal training sessions. It is a good option for this type of clients to "gift" the membership if they buy a minimum number of personal training sessions in your gym. 

This way, you get more clients to encourage them to train personally. Remember that clients who come to a gym guided by a personal trainer are the ones who have a higher adherence, so they tend not to drop out.  

4. Hold an open house with special activities 

Your clients have friends, family, acquaintances... who may not have yet been encouraged to join your gym, but have considered it at some point. A good opportunity to attract customers through referrals is to prepare an open day where your customers can invite as many people as they want. 

Include special activities, such as a Zumba Master Class or a Spinning session taught by several instructors.  
Encourage your customers to bring their friends or family, through notifications from your App or emails. 
Offer a discount for customers who bring referrals and for their referrals if they sign up during the week of Black Friday. 

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5. Exclusive discounts for your customers 

Many times the clients of a gym feel betrayed when they see that the best offers are for those who have not yet signed up. Taking into account that it is 8 times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one... why not focus your Black Friday campaign on pleasing your customers? 

Take advantage of the fact that January is a month of new beginnings to make them start over... at your gym! Offer special discounts or give them a nutrition session as a gift, they will surely appreciate the detail and you'll make sure they don't miss out on Christmas. 


6. Flash Offers

Surely you have seen more than once this kind of offers in online stores. They are offers limited by time or quantity. That is, you can create an offer that lasts only 48h or that only applies to the first 100 who buy. 

This sense of urgency makes your customers react faster and buy when they have not yet processed the information, through an impulse purchase.  

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To carry out these campaigns successfully, it is important that you have a management platform for your gym that helps you automate communications. With Trainingym you can: 

Create a database that includes leads and former customers, so you can impact them with campaigns on a recurring basis. 
Send automated emails, SMS and push notifications. 
Measure how many customers you have achieved in each campaign and learn what their behaviors are, to improve the strategy year after year. 

If you want more info, you can ask for a free demo here.

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