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How to earn more money in your yoga studio

Rent, supplies, insurance, advertising, mats, trainings... How much do you invest each month in your yoga studio? And in becoming a better yoga professional? Well, probably a lot more than you would like. But it is inevitable to have expenses, the important thing is that the income is greater (or much greater) than these. So we propose you some ways in which you can earn more money with your yoga studio. 


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Rent your space

One of the most effective ways to make more money in your yoga studio is to rent the space to third parties. In fact, every time your yoga studio is empty you are losing money. Do you know why? Because your fixed costs are exactly the same, but you are not making money. 

Don't limit yourself: you can not only rent it to yoga or Pilates teachers, but you can sublet the space for trainings, for workshops where no material is required or even as a recording studio for people who make content on the internet. 



Charge for virtual classes

You probably have a cell phone and you have space. Surely you have clients who can't physically attend your classes, but want to practice yoga with you. If so, you are late to monetize virtual classes through your own App. 

Having an App like Trainingym will help you in this task, since you can offer virtual memberships or add them as an extra to conventional memberships for a higher cost. Whatever the option, Trainingym allows you to manage the content and upload it exclusively for your clients. 



Sell yoga and meditation equipment

How many clients have asked you about mats? Have you recommended a particular brand or type of mat? Maybe it's the same for blocks, zafus, essences or yoga clothing. Therefore, an interesting option is for you to start marketing these products in your studio, in order to earn a small commission. In addition, your customers will perceive it as a favor, since you will save them from wasting time looking for quality products elsewhere. 


If you want to go deeper into ways to make more money in your yoga studio, I recommend you to download this Ebook and start making much more money in your yoga studio now. 


Download this free ebook "5 additional revenue streams for yoga studios"



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