10 ways to improve the marketing of your Pilates studio

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Nov 3, 2022 5:36:23 PM

Your Pilates studio will do well if you manage to reach a number of clients in line with your business objectives, right? The only way to get new clients is to have a good marketing strategy. 

Here are ten ways to improve your marketing to keep growing. 

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1. Have your website updated 

The most important thing so that people interested in your business can find out everything they need to know... from the comfort of their home! from the sofa at home! Schedules, prices, photos, teachers... the more information you provide (as long as you keep it up to date), the more potential customers will contact you.  

2. Keep your Google profile updated 

Did you know that any potential client in your area will search in Google for Pilates studios near you? And Google will show them the results close to their location, classified by those with the most information, photos and reviews. That is why it is essential that this profile is verified and nourished with all the information that the platform allows you to offer. 

3. Get good reviews 

And we cannot forget that nowadays we all look for reviews of any product or service we want to consume. Because when you don't know anyone who has been to that Pilates studio, it is very useful to have the opinions of real people who have been there. You can ask your most loyal customers to write their review on Google and you will see how their words surprise you. 

Download this free Ebook "How to attract new customers to your Pilates studio"

4. Being active on social networks 

How many times do you log on to social networks a day? Probably a few, just like your customers do. So if you are constantly present in networks, it is very likely that your followers will remember you and have you in mind when they want to look for a place to improve their fitness. The best thing to do is to upload videos of real classes so that people who see you on the phone get an idea of what it would be like to come to your studio.  

5. Create paid campaigns on social networks 

Creating paid advertising campaigns on social networks is easy and cheap, compared to traditional advertising. In fact, for 20 or 30€ per month you can reach many people and get new clients. In addition, these platforms allow you to segment by age, location and interests, so you will not reach people who are not potential customers of your business.  

6. Offer a free trial 

Your best sales pitch is a class, so try to get all those potential clients who are hesitating about whether or not to sign up to come to the center to try one of your Pilates classes. This way, you can connect with them, recommend one group or another and get them to experience the full Pilates experience. You can offer free classes through your website, so that potential customers can book directly without having to talk to you. 

7. Collaborate with other businesses in the area 

Physiotherapists? Clinics? Sports clubs? Think of all those businesses where you can find potential clients and try to create synergies with them, such as mutual recommendations or referral discounts. 

8. Participate in free events 

In many towns or cities free sporting events are held from time to time. If these events are organized by an organization in your area, you can offer a free class in exchange for the visibility that these types of celebrations offer you. 

9. Have a database of potential clients 

One of the main mistakes of small Pilates studios is not keeping track of potential clients who come to ask questions or contact you through social networks. Your goal should be to get at least the phone and email of all these people, so you can impact them with marketing campaigns when you make promotions or offers. Through a management software like Trainingym, you can automate these communications and get them to become customers. 

10. Take care of the corporate image 

Last but not least, image plays a big role in the marketing of any Pilates studio. Having a logo, corporate colors and consistency across all social media, website and signage is critical. Think of all those great brands that are a worldwide reference, do you relate them with a color? maybe with an image? You have to make your customers identify you quickly on any platform or place they see you.  

Download this free Ebook "How to attract new customers to your Pilates studio"

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