Trainingym now includes Metricool in all licenses

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Feb 10, 2023 11:51:03 AM

After months working on the integration, Trainingym includes Metricool in all its licenses at no extra cost. Through this platform, clients will be able to manage all their social networks: Google My Business, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. To do so, they will only have to access Trainingym Manager as usual and from there they will have acccess to the new tool.  

"This is going to be a turning point for our clients," claims Rafa Martos, CEO of the company, "because the potential for attracting new clients is going to grow exponentially. Fitness businesses need to improve local SEO but don't have enough means to do it. With Metricool, having all the profiles up to date, especially Google My Business, is very simple and fast". Rafa Martos highlights the importance of social networks for attracting new customers in any type of fitness business "nowadays 60% of the smartphone user public makes local searches" he adds. In fact, 71% of users search online first before physically going to a store (Source: Chatmeter).

In addition to scheduling social media posts, Metricool allows you to analyze competitors and extract professional-level social media performance analytics. The tool analyzes follower demographics to indicate which time slots and days are optimal for posting, facilitating the organic reach of posts on all social networks. Moreover, thanks to its usability, it is not necessary to have experience in digital marketing to be able to use the tool and take advantage of all its functionalities.  

Trainingym offers the tool in all its licenses, at no additional cost: "we want to help fitness businesses to grow and facilitating customer acquisition is essential for this" says Rafa Martos. The Spain-based company takes the lead in customer acquisition tools by including this integration in its fitness business management software.

Advantages of using Metricool in your fitness business

Manage social media in one place.

You will be able to manage all your social networks from the same platform. This will save you a lot of time, since you will have all your data centralized and you will not have to use different platforms for each social network.

Analyze the data.

You will be able to see what times are best to publish, how old your followers are, where they are located, what publications have worked best, etc. All the data about your social networks easy to understand and in just one click.

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Schedule the content of your social networks

You will be able to plan the content and leave it scheduled. You can plan as many posts as you want and publish them in one or several social networks. So, no problem if one month you have a trip or just can't make it, the work will stay done!

Analyze your competitors

You will be able to analyze your competitors: see how they are doing in terms of numbers, what they are publishing and whether you are above or below them in terms of engagement.

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Manage your Google My Business profile

You will be able to manage your Google My Business profile and allow your customers to find you faster every time they search on Google in your area.

Create your link tree

You will be able to create a link tree to put in your BIO, so you won't have to change the link every time you launch something new or want to direct your customers to the rest of your networks.

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Run ad campaigns

Manage your ads on the Internet easily, through Metricool. You will be able to program them, choose your budget and start reaching the profiles that really interest you.  

In short: you will have a powerful and easy to use tool to attract more customers through the Internet. All without leaving Trainingym and without paying a single euro more. 


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